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Default 3c/4a-i need gel help!!!!!

I want a good gel(not super expensive!!) good hold, no crunch and curl def. Any suggestions????? Im trying to be on the natural product thing but im open. Ive been a natural curly all my life though lol

I wonna try aloe vera gel
KCCC- as a last choice BC of the price!!

What do yahl like???
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I just bought Suave captivating spray gel (boost curls for sculpture definition). And it's really good it defines my curls, it doesn't put hair hard or crunchy and it smes really good. And I just paid around $2. 49 almost $3. 00

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thanks ill look for it. is that the only one you use?
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What are you using it for? For a wng I have found that with some gels, if you layer products underneath them, you reduce the crunch. The cheapest gel is flaxseed gel, which you can make yourself. I recently tried it and it seemed to work just as well as the As I Am curling jelly that I LOVE, its the only gel that worked well for me. However, I have heard great things about Aloe vera gel and Bioterra (which is from Sallys). I haven't tried either, as I am pretty happy with what I have now.

My sig pic is with the curling jelly, but this is what the flaxseed looked like. I had a few fluffy spots (it was my first time using it), but when I used it a second time it was much better.

3c/4a-i need gel help!!!!!-photo-2011-12-01-09.25-6.jpg

Benefits: Flaxseeds are cheap, reusable, and you can add essential oils and vitamin E to it.
Cons: shelf-life, you have to make it yourself, has the consistency of snot.

For me, I think I may convert to the flaxseed gel because for the price ($5 for a BAG of flaxseeds) you can't beat it!
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The Eco Styler gel is a really good gel, it doesn't give that good of curl definition so your curls will really pop if you put a good leave-in or something like the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. The gel also give super good hold, but if you use too much it can get crunchy. If you do decide to get this,gel it is at Sally's &they have like bucket sized tubs for only $4-6. I recommend getting the Argan Oil one. HTH

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Ditto on the Ecostyler gel. It's super cheap. I transitioned with Ecostyler olive oil, but I found that it has a little too much hold for me. Now I use the blue one because the hold is much softer.

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Hello curlysyd, we have the same hair teture.

Marci Pie posted this recipe in another thread and I have been using it and LOVING it ever since:

Eco Custard:

1/2 cup eco styler gel (original)
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 tablespoon aloe vera gel

Give it a try. I'm sure you will like it.
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KCCC, Eco Custard
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I need help on my hair....what am I .
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Sorry I have cantu in I'm hair but u should be able to tell
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+1000 on using flaxseed gel. I've tried eco gel (has protein in it and it leaves my hair crunchy), tried KCCC (too expensive and finicky). Flaxseed gel (FSG) is cheap, you can other ingredients to it like honey,essentials oils and carrier oils to really make it your own, plus it gives great curl definition, hold and shine. I can make a batch in about 10 minutes from start to finish so time is not an issue. You will need to keep it in the fridge and it will only last about 14 days. But FSG is my HG.
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I've used shealoe (shea and aloe) before. It gave me a nice soft hold. Unfortunately I don't have a recipe I kind of just threw the stuff in the bowl and used the blender.
I now use the green ecostyler gel. I see some of the ladies say that it doesn't offer much hold. Well I've used it with and without a leave-in. You pretty much have to be conscious of how much you're putting in. I've been able to have a nice long lasting soft hold for up to a week with this. But I use KCKT as a styler and not for leave-in purposes. HTH
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Originally Posted by Mixedchickcurly View Post

Sorry I have cantu in I'm hair but u should be able to tell
Looks like 3c. Maybe some 3b. It's really pretty.


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I think I have tried every gel that exists so I hope I can help.

My favorites are:
-Any Eco styler except the protein (I am protein sensitive) the olive oil and the clear one are great. if you put in a decent amount you won't get too crunchy, you can always SOTC once its dry.
-LAL curls gel, the teal blue color one. It works very similar to eco for me, but with less crunch
-KCCC: its a bit pricey but well worth it. Its all natural ingredientsand it gives soft, shiny curls for at least 3 days (I always use with KCKT)
-CJ CIAB: similar to KCCC but more liquid. Also very shiny and soft curls. I use with KCKT, beauticurls LI, or any other LI.
-Homemade FSG: this stuff is really great, especially at such a great price. Gives tons of shine, curl formation, definition, and stretch. Downside for me: I have so much hair I have to use about 8 ozs at a time to get the results I want so I end up making a batch every time I am going to wash.

I've used many more, but these are the ones I've gotten good results with. I wouldn't recommend you anything that's given me less than perfect results. HTH!
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You should try Garnier Pure Clean gel. It has really good hold and its about $5.
3c/4a, hooray!

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I use Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. It is $22 for 8.5 oz but it is so worth it! It provides great hold and strengthens my hair. I like to use it over Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner which provides non-greasy moisture. I prefer products that don't feel oily or greasy. Hope this helps!

3c curls in Humid Guam who is also in the Military. ugh...gotta keep these curls up in a bun 90% of the time. Any Military Naturals out there who feel my pain?!

Products I use: Ouidad!! Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner, Heat and Humidity Gel, Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, and JBCO for the scalp.

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