Towel Scrunch Before or After Products

Hi again, getting questions out of my system! My hair 3b/3a, super fine, thin, tends to form a nice curl pattern right after I scrunch it w/curlease towel but I haven't put in any product at that point. As soon as I apply product to the towel dried hair it changes to tiny tighter wavy type wisps which I don't want. So, I'm considering putting gel or leave-in condit.into soaking wet hair and then scrunching w/curl ease towel. But, doesn't the towel absorb too much of the product for it to be effective? Also, at what point is the gel suggested in relation to the towel scrunch? Do I only do that after both my leave in and my gel? Thanks again.
I scrunch after the leave-in and gel are in my hair. I don't really find that it takes too much product back out of my hair, but I do use alot :S

If I apply product after i find my hair isn't wet enough and it gets frizzy real quick

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My hair is fine and low porosity. I apply minute amounts of product to soaking wet hair and wrap in a Curlease towel to dress and apply make up without dripping. Then, I scrunch with a CLU towel and diffuse upside down for a few minutes. It helps to set the curls. I don't touch my hair with ANYTHING, including the diffuser, other then to part my hair with a fingernail to part it and clip my side swept bangs out of my eyes (one clip each side.) Not touching or adding more product seriously reduces frizz for me.
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Thanks, Kathymack. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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