straight strands in natural hair??

I just recently had all of my relaxed ends cut and I have these random straight hair strands on my fringe area and on both sides right behind my ear. Does anyone else have this problem and how do I get my curls back in those random spots? Someone suggested a protein treatment, but I'm not sure which one..?

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I have a few randomly on the right side of my head also. I need advice as well. But I'm just noticing this & I don't think it was like this when I first BC'd. What can I do to get my curl back if possible? I only use SM products. Is it too much protein? I forgot to mention that those random straight hairs feel kinda straw like. TIA!1

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Could be scab hair

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My aunt had this problem and she used raw eggs to soak her hair. Those stringy strands started to wave after just two times! Try this out and see if it works I don't have any straight strands but I do like to add eggs to may hair after I deep condition. It feels like a repair mask for hair. After I wash it out my hair always seems extra bouncy and just full of life
i have the same exact problem and i REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND. its so frustrating because those spots were curly before and lately they are just this weird wavy straight thing that completely messes up my style.
Are you sure they aren't just fly aways?

Are you strands fine?...

I've always had them and my hair is perfectly healthy

Another thing you need to know is, all your strands arent the same length, those straight hairs maybe newer strands that were probably stretched and lost elasticity from manipulation and/or styling...maybe protein can help
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I BC about 4 years ago and rarely flat iron my hair. I get the strays every now and then and nothing I've done (short of rolling these strands on a clip) has worked to add a curl to them. My best solution -- but poor at that -- is to cut that strand. PROBLEM SOLVED..... at least until I pull out the flat iron and see just how uneven all that random cutting has made my hair.

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comb poo on Saturday's
add Long Aid or Infusium 23 condish to dripping wet hair
finger comb through to blend product
twist into a ball to squeeze out water
gently pat drippies with a towel

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