Am i 3b or 3c haair?:)

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I think i am 3b but just wanted to ask you guys!please anyone respond!and what can i do to always have moisture in my hair?,in my 2nd pic it looks dry cause it is ha, and currently i am on a 100 day hair growth challenge using biotin and folic acid!

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Am i 3b or 3c haair?:)-uploadfromtaptalk1325990290782.jpg   Am i 3b or 3c haair?:)-uploadfromtaptalk1325990316591.jpg  
TBH, I can't tell what your curl pattern is because your hair looks extremely dry/damaged. If I were you, I would deep condition, moisturize with a leave in, protective style, and slowly trim off the damage.

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i don't think my hair is damaged...but i'm just really lazy with it and i don't really moisturize it but idk that's just me...

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Well, also my hair doesn't ever look that dry, i just didn't do anything to it today and yeah. I gor highlights back in summer 2010 but they faded. Then i went on to use SunIn in summer of 2011 and my hair naturally has a reddish tint to it...

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Do you color your hair?

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Originally Posted by subbrock
ya, or do you flat iron?
your ends curl pattern looks weird. and it seems you're roots are curlier
Here are more pictures, and yes i do, hence my hair in one of the pics. I am on an 100 day hair challenge now where i wont be using any heat.

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Am i 3b or 3c haair?:)-uploadfromtaptalk1325993314349.jpg   Am i 3b or 3c haair?:)-uploadfromtaptalk1325993358026.jpg  
It looks 3b/a in its current state.

But, I agree with the other ladies. It looks a bit dry, and the straight ends are pretty indicative of dryness and/or damage.

I color my hair, and my ends will do that if I'm not keeping up with moisture.

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Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
Do you guys have any product recommendations for my hair to keep it moisturized? Because i've webt through products and they haven't really helped out!preferably stuff i can get at target.

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What have you tried so far?

Target has quite a variety of hair products, including natural lines, drugstore brands, and products designed specifically for curly hair.

It really depends on how much you're willing to spend, and at the end of the day, what formulations and combos work for you.

I personally use cheapie Suave Naturals conditioners (Black Raspberry and White Tea is my fave) for cowashing/detangling, I shampoo once a week with Alba Honeydew (?) shampoo. Giovanni Direct or Curls Creme Brulee as a leave in/styler. Sometimes I layer Jason Kiwi Apricot Mousse on top, if I need more hold.

I buy all my hair products at HEB and Target.

ETA: I get moisture into my hair by wetting it daily. Anything I put on my hair is to simply retain/promote moisture.

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I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

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When you say, you wet it daily, like in the shower? I wet my hair every night in the shower(i never take morning showers) so by the next day it's obviously drier, with a little moisture on some parts, so in the morning should i be using the products or no?

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I apply products to my hair while wet (leave in) and then anything else after it's damp but not dry.

Well, I wet it every morning in either the shower or the sink if there's no time to shower or with a spray bottle filled with water if my hair looks ok, but only has a few wonky bits.

My hair dries out easily and gets misshapened in my sleep, so I wet it everyday to moisturize and restyle it.

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I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

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