Good Co-Washing Conditioners?

I'm completely lost
VO5 Moisture Milks, Suave Naturals or Tressemme Natural are all great for co-washing.
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I love love love Yes to Cucumbers as a co-wash.
This topic has been discussed at length over the years. If you use the search function in this forum you'll probably get a huge list of conditioners people recommend.

Blame it on the cell phone...
Herbal totally twisted, granier fructis triple nutrition.

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Suave Naturals are amazingly wonderful!!! I love the coconut one the best!!!
yes..this topic has be discussed to death on these forums lol. but it can always be useful if people find something new or for newbies its sometimes hard to find info.

I love the sauve naturals for actually co-washing but as a leave in I like the deva one condition which i never buy cuz its too expensive..usually i use the tresemme naturals line which is awesome. The garnier is also good but i've found it doesnt always mix well with other styling products.

Good luck!

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