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Default wen?

hi all!

my mom and i just purchased the wen product, and i'm wondering if it's as good to all of you as it claims it is. it says it's good for curly hair, but i'm a little bit nervous and i'm not sure that i believe it. i suppose i'll have to try it for myself. the one thing that i'm nervous about is my scalp breaking out-AKA having an allergic reaction. i have to use all natural shampoos because i'm allergic to everything else.

thanks in advanced!
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Default wen

I just bought wen and used it twice I think it worked very well for my hair. My hair was not that dry. The curls were very nice. I figured i would try this being that i have tried everything else. I think it works well for my hair.
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Bought the set to try - so far it's much lighter then the stuff I was using before - but still really nice definition (and 1/4 of the dry time!). See how it goes over the next couple of weeks... but so far I like it (and like that my shower has 3 things in it instead of 10....).
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Here are some Wen reviews.
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Here are just a few of the many existing threads about it:

Anyone ever use Wen?

Wen results



If you want to see more, enter Wen in the search box at the top right of the screen (opposite the big naturallycurly.com logo), then click on the CurlTalk tab in the search results - Wen is too short for a search to work within CurlTalk itself.
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Got is as a gift. I wouldn't buy it myself because it left my hair greasy, but my aunt, who gave it to me, loved it. Give it a shot, it might work great for your hair!
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I switched to Wen about 2 1/2 weeks ago, after developing an allergy to my beloved Deva products. The first week or so my hair looked bouncy and shiny, although the curl was looser. After 2 weeks, I barely had curl left in my hair. The upside is that my allergy abated, but I want my curl back.....
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Default WEN

WEN is the only product I have ever purchased from an infomercial. I like the sweet almond Mint conditioner. Nice to have just one product in the shower.
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hair, wen
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