Guy New To This!

Hey everyone!!

I'm new to the whole growing out my hair. My mom has been transitioning since last August and just recently big chopped her hair. I promised her I would grow my hair out along with her so she wouldn't go through the dramatic process alone. So I'm about 7 months. September will be a year for me.

I have 3c/4a textured hair..Its very tightly coiled and thick. I was wondering what you all would suggest I do to maybe loosen my curls, and get my hair much softer?
i noticed for me moisture was my main problem when transitioning...Which is kind of funny since my hair also is can be weighed down very easily. But, once i found the right oils for my hair as a pre-poo treatment i could see the dramatic difference. As well as find an a staple leave-in.
3b/c medium/thick curly hair
Goal lengths: Mid Back
CG method since 2010
CO wash:CJ Daily Fix; Beauticurls Strengthening Cond.
Rinse out CO:CJ Beauticurls
Leave-in: still figuring that out.
Stylers: Hair Rules: kinky curly creme
Sealers: Moroccan Oil

stil figuring out my staples

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