jessicurl anyone

Hey curlies!

So i would like to try jessicurl confident coils collection but hesitate to spend $ on something that won't work and then cannot return. Any 3c's purchase it and recommend it? I typically use kinky curly but it makes me have so much shrinkage n wanted something that won't make my hair so short.
I tried confident coils and It had almost zero hold. It did help a little with humidity. I use it under a gel for curl enhancement. I know the website says it helps to elongate curls, but the magnesium sulfate in it just make my hair even curlier.
3a/3b, Fine Hair, Low porosity, Medium Density
Poo- CHS Treatment Shampoo
Low-poo- Devacurl Low Poo
RO- Devacurl One Condition
Leave-In- KCKT/Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion

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