Damaged and oily! No root curl!

My hair has been dyed multiple times and is very dry at the ends, but tends to be oily at the roots. It is medium/fine texture and porous. My hair is just kinda wavy at the root in the back/crown and the rest of the roots are flat. When my hair was only an inch long, it had some curl to it. Most of my head is 3b except the nape which is 3a. My hair is about bra strap length. The longer layers are not as curly as the shorter ones. Also, when most of my roots are flat, I have a few curls that start at the root here and there. So can anybody here help me figure out why I have no root curl? Length? Oil? Texture? Or could my processed length be pulling out my roots? All of the above? Does anybody have experience with this? Help is much appreciated!

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Damage and length probably contribute a lot. Crown/canopy have a tendency to be less curly because it's the hair that's most exposed to the elements (translate drier and more damaged.) Hair weight also pulls out curl.

If your ends are dry/damaged--a haircut is in order. Getting more layers will help it curl better across the board.

Your drying technique may also help. Water weight also pulls out curl. You can try plopping (if you don't), scrunching out water with a curl towel and diffusing to set the curl.
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