Any good hairstyles?

Hi everyone . I am a 3b/3c natural and I'm looking for some nice looking hairstyles for my hair and head shape.

Key Points:
-I just recently cut my relaxer off and now my hair shrinks up about 1 1/2inches when I wash it

-When my hair is not straight, it is:

*3 inches in the back
*4 inches in the middle
*3 inches on the sides
*5 inches in the front

-My hair texture looks like these:

With hints of this:

My overall length (when hair is not straight) is like this:

Can anyone help me find a hairstyle that will suit my round face?
Hey and I'm a 3b-3c too, but mine is more similar to 3c with 3b In it. I look up my hairstyles on YouTube the best and cutest hairstyles are there ! Or flexi rods,! My favorite is braiding one side on my hair to look like I shaved it, and wearing the rest out I love it! Hope I helped

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Some simple "styles" you can do for your length are adding lots of accessories! Headbands, flowers, crystal/beaded clips, etc. You can take sections of the front and flat twist them back, pin, and either accent with a pretty headband or something and fluff out the back. I used to do that. Also, since your hair isn't too long you can experiment with all kinds of styles without having to worry about ripping your hair apart (my waistlength hair is tough to style because it's easily tangled in the process, so I keep it simple). Oh, and nothing sets off shorter hair than a fierce pair of earrings

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