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Default Review: Shea Butter Miracle Leave In Contitioner

I just tried Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditioner.
  • Smells great
  • Great first day hair
  • Day 2 and beyond a matted mess

What I did before the leave in
I pre-poo with cheap conditioner and avocado oil to detangle. Cowashed with Tressame Smooth and Silky.Then I applied the Leave in in 4 section of my hair.

My Review after using the LI on 2 separate occasions:
I love the smell of it and it feels good in my hands but in my hair...yikes! It was really hard to smooth through my hair when damp the first time I tried it.

The second time I used it, it worked better in the shower with really wet hair. The screw top container makes it hard to do that since you need to take the cap off with wet hands and then water gets in. They really need a big pump like the cantu larger size leave in.

In the shower, I was able to use less and get the product through my hair with my fingers. I got the best results when I styled it in the shower then left it alone to dry .

My 3b curls have a hard time curling sometimes so I loved that the curls popped right away. Some of my stubborn spots even had ringlets. There was clear definition to the roots. ( I sometimes get frizz at the roots).

I was able to get great day 1 hair but day 2 was another story.

My hair was sooooooo dry the second day that some spots got matted. I could not separate them with my fingers and no oil or butter would help. I had to start all over and this time it stayed matter until I deep conditioned for a few DAYS!

I don't know what was it it to have it work so great on the first day and then mess my hair up for a week.
3b to 4a?

My Routine
Pre-Poo:Conditioner & Avocado Oil or Jamaican Black Caster Oil or Coconut Oil
Co-wash - One Hair for Dry Hair
Moisturize - Coco curls or beija flore creme brulee
Leave In - Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie
Gel - Kinky Curly Custard, Deva Spray Gel
Seal ends - Castor Oil

Weekly Routine:
Deep Conditioner - Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner or Caster Oil & Coconut Oil

Last Relaxer May 2006

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