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Alright my fellow curl peeps,
I have super long (almost hip length) hair, itís a mixture of 3B & 3C curls and they have extremely low porosity. Iím using a co-wash method and have found the most amazing conditioner (Curl Junkie) in the mean time Iím having trouble battling frizz and next day hair regiments. So currently I leave the Curl Junkie conditioner on my ends, Kinky Curly Knot Today, L.A. Looks Sport (10+) hold gel; I allow to air dry and then go back and add John Frieda Volume extra hold hair spray & hit it with a small amount of warm air with a diffuser & I get the most LUXURIOUS curls! Love it! Easily lasts me 3-4 days until my next washday. In between I use Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle or Kinky-Curly Curling Custard to handle fly aways in the AM. I know most fellow curly locked brethren donít like ďcrunchĒ, unfortunately I need that crunch Ė because within a few hours of having done my hair to almost cement like magnitudes it loosens up and my hair is left looking amazing! LOVE IT! Now my only issue is replicating my results with the above products without the LA Looks gel & John Frieda hairspray. Iíve been trying other products from and most of the gels Iíve gone through that state ďmedium holdĒ is completely demolished by my curls & Iím left with a fuzzy head. So frustrating that I have to keep using supermarket products to get the curls I want. Has anyone found a super amazing STRONG holding hairspray and gel from a company thatís healthy for our locks?
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Yes I am one of "those" that scrunches the crunch out. Actually I agree that sometimes you do need the crunch to make your curls look more presentable. However, I like the frizzy look sometimes. Anyway, I would suggest trying the Deva gels. Whenever I got my deva cut a few months ago they used it and I hated it cause it made my hair look really perfect/ defined and I didn't like how it controlled my hair so much. So I am assuming that you would probably like it haha.
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