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Hello I see a lot of post regarding the two topics how do I know what porosity I have ive tried the put the strand in the cup one time it sank one time it was floating? How do you know what products are suited for this if theres a link can someone post it because I havent been able to find it. Also PROTEIN I hear people say if your hair is frizzy you need protein what products focus on protein because ive used the cg method which is great my hair is soft but frizzy any knowledge or comments you all have is greatly appreciated.

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Hair Type: 3a-ends 3b-front 3c-back
BC: 4/10/2012
co-wash method


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Hair Type: 3a-ends 3b-front 3c-back
BC: 4/10/2012
co-wash method

The floating cup test isn't very good from what I read. You can try the slip n slide test... sliding your fingers up and down the strand... if it catches you're likely high porosity, if it's super smooth and/or squeaks you're likely lower porosity. If your hair is damaged, dyed, seen lots of heat styling or any retexturizing service it's likely porous.

If you're not sure you can always order a hair analysis from Live Curly Live Free, Komaza Care or Goosefootprints (Etsy).

Protein is beneficial for damaged, porous hair, and fine hair usually does well with protein. Coarse hair tends to not do so well with regular or high doses protein. Everyone's hair needs a protein/moisture balance, it's just that where that balance lies can be different for everyone.

When I was starting out this link was very helpful in explaining the protein/moisture balance. The Fine Art of Protein and Moisture Balancing for Black Hair Care - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com
2bc/ f / ii. low porosity roots + normal-high porosity shaft where bleached. normal elasticity.

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Thank you soo much this has helped me with the start of understanding this I ran my fingers and it catches I did 4 strands in 4 different sections I also have fine hair
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Hair Type: 3a-ends 3b-front 3c-back
BC: 4/10/2012
co-wash method

Thanks for asking this question! That was fairly helpful for me as well, thanks for the tip. I just speculated that my hair was highly porous based on how it reacted to moisturising products; its easy to moisturise but it also loses moisture very quickly.

From what I've learned, when my hair is overconditioned from either too much of the baggy method or I've piled on too much DTs it tends to get limp but not greasy. That's usually when I hop onto getting a Protein Treatment in there. The balance really is important.
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