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Hello fellow 3 Curlies!

Yesterday I washed my hair and put bantu knots in. I hadn't done them since I was transitioning and I assumed then that I had to bobby pins the ends down because of how much relaxer I had left. Yesterday, I still had to put bobby pins in because they all started to unravel without them. I was just wondering if other ladies had this problem or if there was something wrong with the way I did them?

I have 3C/4A, fine textured, low porosity hair, that is 5-7 inches in length, and normalish density hair.
I recently had a failed attempt at a bantu knot out. I didn't use bobby pins to hold them. And I only used conditioner next time I will need to use a product with some kind of hold. However when I washed them out and did a wash n go I had really defined spiral curls so I guess it wasnt a complete waste of time. Bantu knots-imageuploadedbycurltalk1385082712.920615.jpgBantu knots-imageuploadedbycurltalk1385082728.321298.jpg
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I made mine a lot smaller than yours and smaller than the other time I had tried them. I may have wrapped them too tightly, as my roots got pulled pretty straight. I used the Curls passion fruit curl control paste on mine. They did turn out beautifully, but when I went to separate out the curls and blend the parts out I ended up with an afro. I saw another blogger with hair similar to mine have the same problem with her bantu knot out on instagram: nchanel.

I wish I would have taken pictures but I'm so awful with remembering. :-/
3C/4A Fine texture, low porosity, low/medium density? Trying CG since Dec. 2013
Shampoo: Curl's Creamy Curl Cleanser or clarifying shampoo when needed.
Co-wash: Curl's coconut curlada
Deep Condition: Experimenting in the kitchen
oil: flaxseed and coconut for treatments
Styler: Tresemme conditioner, alone or mixed together with aloe vera gel
Sealer: aloe vera juice
Yeah I had the same problem with the separating. I think I would need to use a product with more hold and maybe sit under a dryer to set the style better

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