Help! How do I take care of my 3b hair?!

So I've stumbled into a hair crisis. It seems no matter what I do, my hair continues to break off and grow at a slow rate. It constantly looks dry, dull, and just generally unhealthy. I have a sensitive, dry scalp, my hair is super dry and prone to breakage and pretty thick. It can be coarse but only in my crown area and that area will now curl no matter what I do.

To tell you a little more about my story, I've been completely natural for about 6 months. I transitioned for about a year. I've been trying to figure out my hair since I've been completely natural and I still can't get the hang of things. It's obvious to me that my hair needs intense moisture and heavier styling products like gels and stuff but I'm not sure what kind of routine I should have and what products to use! If someone could help it would be much appreciated!
What are you currently using and how?
Right now I'm currently using Not Your Mother's strengthening shampoo (sulfate free) twice in the shower, then using Aussie's moist conditioner in the shower. I rinse that out with cold water then use Shea Moisture's deep treatment masque and sit under the hair dryer for about 15 minutes. I rinse that out with cold water and use Cantu's Shea Butter Coconut curling cream. Then I just let it air dry....But my hair's so dry and I just feel like I'm not using the right products. The Cantu is nice at first but it leaves my hair so greasy and oily once it dries and I absolutely hate that feeling.
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Healthy hair comes from the inside so you must make sure your diet and daily habits promote good health in general. It may help to take a hair/skin/nails supplement for a couple of months and also using the "inversion method" or at least regular scalp massages done with castor or rosemary oil at least a couple of times a week.

About your products, I'd suggest that you lay aside your shea butter products.
After I saw a video of how processed the nuts are to obtain the butter I have not regarded it as "natural" as I used to. And contrary to popular belief, it is really not a nourishing ingredient at all, it doesn't penetrate the hair so it's just a "protective" emollient, but it can build up on the hair and create tangling and other problems.

I'd like to ask if you've tried virgin coconut oil (VCO), it does penetrate the hair and protects the keratin in it, thus helping to keep the hair stronger. Oiling your hair with it before going to bed (covering your head with a plastic cap or bag) and then removing it with your CO will very likely give you better results than the S.B. mask.
I've used coconut oil before and I loved it tons! I soaked my hair in it once for a couple of hours and even doing that made my hair feel great. I've been meaning to get back to it.

Yeah I've noticed that shea butter products are just not doing it for my hair. I haven't been using any oil because I just can't seem to find one I like. I liked using coconut oil but not for daily use as I felt like it was too heavy. I'm currently looking for some gels and oils to use, but I'm still stuck on what kind of products to use and what kind of routine I should start developing.
I know I sound like a broken record but boy do I love Camille Rose products for moisturizing my hair. In particular the Whipped Aloe butter gel. IMO it's nit unlike SM smoothie but lighter without build up. I think the milk looks amazing and need to try it. They also have a new coconut line that looks great. I have trouble with the SM masque being too heavy. You can pre-poo with the coconut oil even 30 min and see benefits.
I tried using the Aussie stuff, but my hair hated it. It started breaking and didn't feel moisturized at all. And it looked dry and frizzy. I switched back to my Tresemme.

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Looking for new products and methods to try!

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As much as I love shea moisture, the raw shea masque did nothing for my hair. Their regular conditioners can be used as deep conditioners. Also maybe you'd have luck with the LOC or LCO method.
Curlyincincy curls need hydration to survive. Try the tresemme naturals conditioner, a hydrating deep conditioner, a leave in, and styler of your choosing. When was the last time you had your hair trimmed? It could be time for a trim. Hair will shed and break in an effort to get rid of split ends. You should trim your hair every 3-4 months.

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