dry, rough, frizzy

I've been using Deva Curl no poo and one condition for about two years now, but for the last 6 weeks or so im noticing very dry rough brittle hair, so bad even my hubby ran his fingers though my hair and noticed. I have been deep conditioning once (twice) this past week for about three weeks now, and still dry as a bone. I'm starting to wonder if it could be the Deva Curl, cause I haven't changed my product or routine, tips and advice greatly needed and appreciated thanks
3B (Botticelli), coarse, low porosity
DevaCurl No-Poo
DevaCurl One-Condition
DevaCurl Arc-Angel
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Besides the DevaCurl No Poo and One Condition, I see in your signature that you also currently use Curlkeeper and Rocking Ringlets in your hair too. I honestly think the combo of products that you are currently using isn't keeping your curls properly hydrated. You can most surely choose to change the shampoo and conditioner that you are using, if you feel that they are the main culprits for your hair feeling very dry, rough,and brittle, to see if that really makes a difference. I don't know if you have ever tried using any shampoos and conditioners from Shea Moisture line before, but if you haven't, I would definitely recommend checking out such. They offer different shampoos that do cater to a wide variety of curltypes, hair textures, and specific hair needs. The Shea Mousture products are sold in several stores, as well as in Curlmart, and through their actual website- www.sheamoisture.com too.

I actually tried the DevaCurl products early on in my curly hair journey, and the more that I used them, the more dried out and stawlike they made my curls become. The Deva products provide my curls with little to no moisture, which is why, I no longer use them at all. Through trial and error, I was able to find products that do agree with my curls much better than the Deva products ever did.

Some curlies find success with the DevaCurl products and are able to use them long term with no problems. While there are others who experience the exact opposite unfortunately.
Hairtype-3b curly,semi-thick, very dry hair

Staple Haircare Lines:
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Eden Body Works
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thanks for the advice, I actually did notice after I washed my hair yesterday that it was soft and my curls were bouncy, and after I put in my reg product my hair seemed rough and dry. I have been wanting to try the shea moisture line of products, now i def will go out and try them thanks again
3B (Botticelli), coarse, low porosity
DevaCurl No-Poo
DevaCurl One-Condition
DevaCurl Arc-Angel
Curl Keeper
JessiCurl Rock-N-Ringlets

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