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Hello all. I am in a curly hair conundrum and have found myself confused. I made the switch to DevaCurl over 1 1/2 years ago. Approx 6 months in, I started having some itchy, flaky, weepy skin around my ears. And some redness and irritation around my hairline. I first thought it was a facial product, but after much trial and error I think itís something in the Deva. Currently, my entire scalp itches and Iím starting to notice dandruff like flakes. I think itís time to ditch the Deva because I am 99% sure my issues are being caused by it, but I cannot seem to figure out if itís just one product or all (No-Poo, One and Light Gel).
I decided to start doing some research into what products to use and thatís how I ended up here. I think Iíve read so much that now Iím confused or maybe my itchy scalp is just making my brain fuzzy!
I know Iím 3B and Iím pretty sure Iím high porosity (one of my Deva stylists told me this), though Iím not real sure how you are supposed to know. I have not colored my hair in over 2 years now. Iím young (39) but very gray.
Pre-Deva, I didnít really have any issues per se with my curls. Right before switching to deva I was using Pantene curl stuff... shampoo, condish, and curl creme. My main issue was I didnít really like the smell and I had to use a lot of it. Before that I used some sort of gel, Iím pretty sure it was Suave, I just know that once I got to really love it, it was discontinued. Iíve never experienced the silicone stringiness that some people get. Maybe since Iíve never really used a heavy silicone product I just never built up.
So, where do I go now? Iíve been reading around a lot on here and it seems fairly common for people to move on from Deva. I would love to be able to buy my product in Target or Walmart instead of ordering. And Iíd love to find cheaper products.
What is standing out to me is sticking with a sulfate & silicone free system. For shampoo Iím seeing a lot of VO5, Suave Naturals/Coconut and SheaMoisture.
For condish Iím seeing Tresseme Naturals, Garnier Triple Nutrition
And for styling, LA Looks Sport Gel is really standing out as well as some KinkyCurly
Is this a good place for me to start? Gosh, the idea of regular store items just makes me so happy, no more running low and scraping the bottles waiting of the mail!
Any advice would be very appreciated. This site is great, but itís also really overwhelming. Thanks!
To know whether it is the deva products, or to know which ones that are causing the problem, stop using one of them for maybe 2 weeks. If it helps, then that was probably one of them, if nothing changes, add it back in and stop a different one. Keep doing that until you find which product(s) is/are causing the problems.
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Those brands are a great place to start. If it was me I would stop using the deva curl products immediately and experiment with new products until your problems clear up. Then, if you still want to know which deva product was causing this I would introduce one back in, one at a time. The other way seems like it could potentially take a long time to determine which product/s are causing that and I would not want to suffer any longer than I had too. Personally the Shea moisture raw Shea butter shampoo/conditioner, tresseme naturals conditioner, kinky curly leave in and curling custard are all favorites.
Iím pretty sure itís the gel. I stopped using BíLeaviní and that didnít fix anything. Then I stopped with the nopoo for awhile, just cowashing and that didnít fix anything. Itís kind of hard to totally stop using conditioner so that and the gel are the only things I havenít completely stopped. But my gut tells me itís the gel, I of course, donít know that for sure.

I think I need to just stop Deva cold turkey. Let my head get back to normal and then maybe reintroduce one at a time.

Iím headed to the store today to look for new products! Wish me luck! Thank-you!
Shea Moisture is a great brand with a lot of different product lines. The coconut/hibiscus smell great to me. :-)
If you.stopped cold turkey and then clarified you could alter the problem. If you didn't clarified you could identify easier. IMHO clarifying might do the trick but you know your hair better. I hope you solve the problem though since it's very frustrating I am sure!

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