Need style advice! (pic attached)

Ok ladies & gents...I have lots of fine mostly 3a hair. It used to be 3b before I started having babies 4 years ago, and now even the same strand has different textures on it from all the hormonal changes, though the new growth looks more curly rather than the straighter bits that were growing for some time.

I'm starting to feel haggard (could be the sleep dep!), and wondering if a change in hairstyles would help. Give it to me straight (ha): I love having long hair, but is this style doing me any favors? Does it need to be short, or just shorter or differently shaped? Any style suggestions at all would be great. I feel like I need a hair consultant before I even think about getting it cut!
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love your hair!!

definitely have a consult before doing anything, also bring photos of styles you like and be very clear before you let anyone cut. and make sure you feel comfortable with that stylist.

my opinion?? i think you'd look great with a shoulder-length bob, but make sure there are LONG layers in there to keep the triangle hair away.
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: curl junkie products
leave in:cj conditioners and treatments as leave in
styling: cj pattern pusha, cj honey butta leave in, cj cccc, cj ciab. cj aloe fix gel is my high dews/summer HG!!
sealants - spiral solutions emollience butter, cj CIAB
Your hair is great! Have you tried or thought about trying a deva cut? I really like my hair after the deva cut. I used to get regular wet cuts, and all I ever asked for was long layers. Those weren't bad cuts either really.
3a/3b Normal-high porosity, Medium texture, High density
Live in Canada- hot summers, freezing winters- dry dry dry
CJ cleanser or daily fix, and smoothing condish
CJ Pattern Pusha/Curl Queen/MGA sculpting gel/UFDCM
Trying out and loving deva heaven in hair as a regular condish and then using a few pumps of UFDCM then LALSG then air dry. Amazing definition.
Coconut oil pre-poo once a week or so
Diffuse, trying to air dry
Keep it natural. You look awesome

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