how to use B&A gel?

Thanks to wavychi's good will , I now have a sample of the B&A gel. I tried it this morning for the first time, and was so suprised to find it to be such a thin gel (even more so than Angell)
I know you all love this, so please tell me your routine... do you scrunch in? with leave in condish?
I am beginning to sound like a broken record here but here goes:

I always use Elucence as a leave-in under it. I smooth the first small(maybe dime sized) amount over my canopy. I continue to scrunch in 4 or 5 more small amounts all over. I use small amounts because it is so thin & I don't want it to run away between my fingers

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thanks, that is pretty close to what I did this morning, with deva one as my leave in. so far great curl formation--and little surface frizz!!!
I am a happy camper...I guess it will be worth the $$ investment.
B&A seems hard to mess up. I use it with Curl Keeper and Gelebration underneath. I like how lightweight it feels.
I use Elucence as a leave in then a tiny amount of B&A raked in then scrunched, then diffuse for a bit. Too much & I get the crunchies but with the amount I use the bottle should last me forever!
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i use aveda elixir as a leave in
then on super wet hair, i scrunch in 2 quarters worth (one focusing on the underlayers/one focusing on the upper layers), then if i'm feeling daring, i scrunch in a little of another gel into my canopy to try to get more curls...lately it's been samples of angel and abba weightless. but i must say, i love b&a alone as well.
scrunch with a tshirt
and i'm out the door!
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