am I using too many products?

I really wanted to try the no poo routine, but I live in Turkey and have had trouble finding conditioners and styling products without cones and other bad stuff. So, sadly, I gave up...but I will try the CG (along with the Jessicurl products) routine when I return to the States for sure!

Until then, I plan on using the Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Body Shop Amlika Leave-In for moisture and Aveda Confixor for hold (brought this product from the States). Also, will use the Body Shop Brazilian Nut DT occassionally, as my hair has been feeling very dry and straw-like!

Might also try the ACV rinse to cleans my hair and the honey rinse for moisture.

Is this too much stuff to be putting on my hair? Unfortunately, I haven't put up pixs yet, but having looked at all yours, I would definitely say that I am a 3a with fine hair but lots of strands (ie., my hair doesn't look thin but it actually is).

Having read so many terrible things about sulfates, cones, quats, etc, I am worried that all these products might be drying out my already dry and often times frizzy hair! Suggestions? Thoughts?

I should add (confess!) that I shampoo and cond almost every day...this is probably bad, right?
My rule of thumb is: If it's something you can eat, it can't do much damage. The other stuff . . .
I'm a 2something/3something. Started modified CG routine on 6/6/05
Cut more than ten inches from my BSL hair on 8-10-05 and growing it long again
But we're STILL adjusting.
I totally agree! I only use the purest, organic stuff on my face and body...BUT I have to bring this stuff all the way from the States (natural products haven't really caught on in Turkey yet -- except for olive oil, honey, and rose water), and I can only fit so many bottles in my suitcase. I even packed 5 containers of natural deoderant in my suitcase when I came back from the States last time!

That's why I turned to the Body Shop -- because there are Body Shops in Istanbul, although they are VERY overpriced. I figured the Body Shop stuff was better than most of the pharmacy-esque shampoos and conditioners sold at most stores here. At least honey is universal!
That doesn't sound like too many products to me. The Brazilian nut that you plan on using as a DT, you won't be using every day. Same w/ the ACV rinse, and honey rinse.

Everything else looks pretty good to me. Some are against all cones, but I'm okay w/ some. I'm more interested in how the product works for me.
I agree. That doesn't sound to me like too many products. I use more myself!

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