Is there any ingredient in a gel i should stay away from?

I was also wondering is it ok to mix my aloe vera creme together with my cheap 1 dollar clear gel?
I got the Curls for the Girls and the Waves for the Babes!
if your cheapie gel has alcohol in it, its probably not a good idea. just break down and get some aloe vera gel. your hair will thank you for it.
The gel i use by softee is clear and contains no alcohols and it is cheap...does anyone think this gel is still bad for curlies?
I got the Curls for the Girls and the Waves for the Babes!
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It's good when it's clear. And when it contains no Alc it's even better.
Why don't you try it and see whether you and your curls like it.
How does it feel in your hair?
Does your hair feel to coated or heavy?
Does it make your hair look dull?

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