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Default Hi! New Here!

Just wanted to say hi! I've been lurking around for quite a while. Have learned A LOT!

I am the only curly in my entire family. My dd has completely stick straight, beautiful, shiny hair. My ds' hair is a bit wavy and thick.

Am doing a modified CG (for about 3 weeks now,) can't go completely w/o poo, my scalp gets too oily. I am currently looking for a good poo. I do like Jessicurl HCC, but find I may need more to get all the oil out.

My hair is very fine, but there is lot's of it! Unfortunately if I put anything w/o hold, i.e., conditioner, conditioner w/ hold (sebastian 9, PM The Cream,) or any gel that isn't SUPER strong; my hair gets frizzy and the curl falls out .
I have FOREVER been looking for my hg of gels that keep my curl, w/o too much crunch, but don't make it too soft either. I have been using PM Sculpting foam for years, but only b/c I haven't found anything that I like better, and that isn't saying very much.

Some new products I've tried (after reading so much here):

Jessicurl products-so far I love the curl formation they give me, but I have a bit of frizz and by the end of the day, A LOT of frizz.

Aura Gel-YUCK, made my hair WAY too soft and frizzy and then the curl fell out after scrunching out the crunch.

Got2B-Great curl formation and hold, but SO CRUNCY and had a hard time getting the crunch out after scrunching.

Herbal Ess Hum Def gel-Made my hair too soft after scrunching out crunch and then had frizz and curl fell out.

I do love Suave M&H and honey rinse! I have also stopped combing my hair altogether. I used to comb after putting product in and then to part my hair. I complained that my hair was so flat on top. So after reading here, I stopped and don't part my hair anymore, just kinda let it do it's own thing and I really like it better.

Anyway, will hope to *meet* you all.
3a/b fine but lots of it!
HG's:BRHG, AG Re:Coil, LOVING Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea Condish!

My 6 y/o dd drew it!
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Hi SuperCurl! and welcome!
3a with 2c
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Hi, welcome to the site!
3a/b medium/coarse but mostly moderately coarse, dense, strong strands
Komaza analysis current: medium to thick/ strands(mostly coarse), very strong elasticity, low porosity(some is), healthy strong hair
Goosefootprints: moderately coarse with some medium; low porosity at roots, normal thru shaft, porous ends.
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hi, welcome!

Have you read the post about biosilk rock hard gelee? Maybe that's a good option for you to try? I have just tried it myself this week for the first time. Yesterday i used too much and my hair was to crispy, but it is looking much better today. I wou ld take a look at that thread if you havne't already--sounds like a lot of curlies who have a problem with poof and curl falling out are really liking it
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Thanks for the welcomes! I will certainly look through past posts for that one. Thanks!
3a/b fine but lots of it!
HG's:BRHG, AG Re:Coil, LOVING Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea Condish!

My 6 y/o dd drew it!
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hi and welcome!
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Welcome to the club! If you're looking for a gel with hold, you might want to try Abba Weightless (this gives lots of volume too, but you can't overdose or it can be very crunchy - though you can scrunch that out pretty well), Nexxus POTAR gel, and like mentioned above - many people are starting to use the BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee. I got a lovely sample of it from PixieCurl here, but I haven't had a chance to really experiment with it yet.
My favorites are Batia & Aleeza Bio Mineral gel because it yields great clumping and a good natural feeling hold. It's not sticky or crunchy at all to me, and it doesn't look like you have gel in your hair either, which I love! I also love Devacurl Angell, but it's not a cement hold at all, yet it does give nice curls and smells great!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
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