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Default Straight ends

I flat ironed my hair about 2 wks ago, and I still have some straight ends in some sections. I've washed my hair a couple of times, done a couple of braid outs, etc, but the curls aren't coming back. The straight pieces are mostly in my bottom layer, which is especially upsetting since that's always been where I got the nicest, softest, most effortless curls. Anyway, it's been about a wk since I first washed - do you think the curls will come back in time, or should I just grab some scissors and be done w/ it?

I definitely won't be flat ironing again anytime soon...
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I hate to say it. But the curl pattern may never return. It has happened to many others and it is their stories that has stopped me from ever even contemplating flat ironing or any kind of straightening at all. Obviously, it doesn't happen to everyone who uses a flat iron or pressing comb. And your curls might return. If they don't you can learn to work with the straight parts, trim a little at a time until they are all gone or you can chop. I hope you get your curls back, though. I know how upsetting that must be. I'm hoping that maybe someone who has been able to solve this problem will post with advice. I have heard that lots of deep conditioning might help.
3b/c, fine hair, low porosity. Just combed out dreadlocks that I had for three years. Getting to know my hair all over again. :-)
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Default Cut them..

I have had this dillema so much that I had to stop flat-ironing my hair. I have 3c/4a hair that gets those stringy ends whenever I flatiron it. The last time I straightened my hair my ends were like hanging noodles. It looked like I had tried to perm my hair. I have some to the conclusion that I can only get my hair straightened once or twice a year if I want to keep my curls. Get your ends trimmed and make sure that the next time you straighten your hair you are careful with the heat. Your ends are straight because they got burned. Go to Kinky-Curly.com Shelly offers advice on straightening your hair w/out burning it. I hope that I helped!
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Thanks for the feedback, cichelle and saronbella. Yeah, I still have those straight, stringy, relaxed-looking ends. Haven't washed/conditioned in a few days - I think I'll give it one more try tomorrow morn, then snip off the ends if they don't start curling up. It looks horrible!

I def think I burned my hair - my last attempt at flat ironing (something I rarely do) did not go so well (took forever, felt like straw, was not getting super-smooth). I'll check out the tips on the kinky-curly site, but I think from now on, I'll prob just have my hair straightened by a professional (and probably not more than once every few months).
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