Whole Foods 365 conditioner

Has anyone tried the whole foods brand conditioner I think its called 365 botanical conditioner?? If so, could you give me some info on how it worked for you, consistency, smell etc. **** also can u give me info of an all natural conditioner that is a leave-in & rinse out all in one?
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I have it and like it. I use the mint (nice refreshing co-wash) and DH uses the unscented. The mint does smell like real mint pretty much, not like toothpaste or Scope. The unscented is pretty darn unscented.

The consistency is close to a Suave or something along those lines. It's not super heavily moisturizing. I use it for washing and detangling, and generally add something heavier for actual conditioning.

If I feel like rinsing out all of my heavier conditioner, or if I just mess up and rinse it more than I meant to, I do use some of the 365 as a leave in.

For my heavier conditioner I have several, but they are mostly Aubrey Organics which you can also find at Whole Foods.

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