Product Suggestions?

Hey Everyone! I am new to the CG method of curly hair and have found a few products that I like so far, but I hate limiting myself and would like to try some new things. Right now I am using LOOB and LA Looks sport gel. I know that a thicker and stronger hold gel works best for my hair otherwise it gets too soft and starts to frizz after a day. I am trying to find products that will allow me to only have to wash my hair ever other day with out it looking bad. I am a mother in college so I am trying to keep the prices lower, but if it works then I am willing to try it!

ALso I am using Suave coconut conditioner to co-wash, but any suggestions for a daily conditioner found at most drug stores would be helpful. Thanks so much!
CG since July 10 2008

Co-washs- Suave coconut, Any of the VO5 condish (my hair loves proteins)
Rinse out condish- Suave with honey or Giovanni TTTT
Cremes-LOOB, Giovanni Direct leave in
Gels- FOTE !!!, HEBE, TW spray gel, BRHG
Mousse- HETT, Aussie Awesome volume, Giovanni air turbo mousse
DT-any of my cowash condish with honey or olive oil.

Giovanni products are the best hair products I have ever tried! (Besides FOTE)

Honey is a life saver!
Hi, and welcome!

I love V05 Kiwi Lime for co-washing. This is a staple for me -- I have used it for several years.

For in between el cheapo and expensive , some curlies like Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner. I also like Giovanni Smooth as Silk rinse-out conditioner. You can find Giovanni online, at "health food" stores, and I've even found it at Rite Aid.

For frizz control, many people swear by Curl Keeper, either by itself or under gel. I think you have to order this online.

I have not tried the Herbal Essence gels, but I've seen good reviews.
shoulder-length 3a/b, depending on weather and products (or lack of products!)
Hi College Curly!

I am currently a student myself, so I understand being on a tight budget! I also use suave coconut as a co-wash and a leave in, but here is a link to a site with a HUGE list of silicone free, CG approved products:

I found this to be a great help when shopping for new hair products. It has a whole list of drug-store brand items to try. In fact, Sweetpeacurli's whole site is packed full of easy to understand CG info.

When trying to decide if a new product is CG friendly, you can also reference her list of banned silicone's "cheat-sheet": It sounds corny, but i printed out a small copy of the table listed above to bring with me to the store when I am considering a new product - that way I don't waste my money on something I can't use.

Besides that, I use honey A LOT in my routine. I use a tiny bit of it mixed in 50/50 with the suave coconut as a leave-in, and I also use it 50/50 when doing a DT. I found the honey really moisturizes my hair and makes it incredibly soft, while also fighting frizz. You can buy a cheap store-brand bottle at your local discount or grocery store for under $2.00.

I also use Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted curl scrunching gel. Both of these tend to have a stronger hold and dry a bit "crunchy". Lately, as a curl enhancer I have been using use Bioterra Curl Creme, followed by Aura/Naturelle Hypoallergenic styling gel - which both can be bought at your local Sally Beauty Supply for under $10.00.

Lastly, when clarifying, I use a rinse of warm water mixed with either Apple Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda - again bith bought for under $2.00.

Hope that helps! Happy hair product hunting!!

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