Diffusing with KCCC and KT

I've just statred using KCCC and KT. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Do you diffuse with it or just scrunch it when it's dry. I put the products in and then plop for about 15 minutes. I need duckbill clips at the top for a little lift. Who ever uses this combo, should I diffuse or not.
Did you watch mysteryflavor's video on applying this? It's great. I don't use the KCKT, but love the KCCC. I scrunch it in like the video and do diffuse.
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I use KCCC almost exclusively. I really don't need KCKT, other than as a spritz from time to time.

I scrunch in KCCC, diffuse to about 60% dry, then scrunch out the crunch after completely dry to get soft, well-defined waves.
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I think maybe the KT is making my hair too soft. I'm ging to try to use less and see how that works. I'm going to watch the video. Thanks for the help.
I think maybe the KT is making my hair too soft. I'm ging to try to use less and see how that works. I'm going to watch the video. Thanks for the help.
Originally Posted by momof3angels
I rarely use KT as a leave-in for that reason. My hair is too fine to handle it. Maybe in the winter. ? I love it as a rinse-out conditioner though.
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I watched the video and then did my hair over. I used less of the KT and then applied the KCCC just like the video. The only thing I did different was puyKurl Keeper over the KCCC. what a difference. Maybe plopping my hair made the products not work right. I'm wiating for a shipment of pink Boots. I've read about it and thought I would give it a try. Keep you updated.
I diffuse everytime I wet my hair. I have found that the KCKT/KCCC combo makes drying time a bit longer. I have been playing with putting it into less then sopping hair with good results.

IMO less is more with the KCKT.
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