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I know what you mean y-curl. I have the same problem with split ends. They just don't quit! However, I am a very busy curly and I never find the time to deep condition ( I need to though). However, I do know some wrong things that I have been doing. Sometimes, it's easier to identify thecause of a problem from what you're doing wrong then from what you're doing right.
What I do wrong.

1. I used to detangle my hair with the D4. My ends looked like poo so I decided to buy a bigger paddle brush with rounded tips (it's really nice and wooden and from sally's). However, I was still noticing a little too much hair in the brush. So, despite the lovely formation I get from the brush, I went back to a large tooth comb. I couldn't be happier.

2. I don't detangle enough. I only wash my hair about twice a week and that is the only time I detangle.

3. I don't sleep with any protective pillow covering.

4. I wear my hair back in a ponytail all the time. My hair towards the crown is much finer than the rest.

5. I have a terrible hair picking habit. As much as I pick at my hair I should be bald. It really sucks and I want to break this habit, but I honestly feel like I can't control it. Does anybody have any ideas???

6. I don't oil or moisturize my hair as often as I should. And considering that my hair is extremely dry this is is a neccessity.

So, basically I am a pitiful terrible curlies. if anyone would like to donate some advice to me I'm all ears. Oh yeah, sorry to guano your thread y-curl, but maybe you should try VO5 strawberries and cream moisture milks conditioner. It's been a above fabulous detangler for me. It's either that or the Herbal Essence fruit fusions in the purple bottle for dry hair it's good too. And what's great they're both cheap and they've detangled better than the famous elucence.
Thick coarse 3c/4a prone to dryness.
Aphogee 2 Step treatment
Generic Biolage Conditioning Balm
Tigi MM Conditioner
Creme of Nature Shampoo for dry hair
Denman D3
Giovanni Direct Leave-in
SheaMoisture Leave-in

"Make it work!"- Tim Gunn
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