Anyone ever had an up-do?

I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in June. I think I should get an up-do b/c having my hair down is what I do everyday and I wanted something more elegant and different.

But I've never had an up-do in my life. My hair is bra-strap length and there's a lot of it.

Any suggestions on a nice up-do or anyone know where I can get pics of curly up-do's?

I've worn updo's many times for special occasions (both curly and straight). I'm parcial to a loose french twist with something decorating my hair and maybe a few curls hanging out here and there.
Short 4A Hair.
Thanks Gabby! A french twist w/ some curls left hanging sounds pretty nice. I'm not totally comfortable w/ having it all slicked back. I want some of my curls to still show.

Now I just have to find a salon w/ reasonable prices! I called a few places, and the cheapest I found was $65. This would normally be fine, but I wanted to go in for a trial run before the actual wedding and I was told I would have to pay full price for this as well. I'll keep looking around. Thanks again!
Your welcome - glad I could help!
Short 4A Hair.

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