Will plopping actually help to dry the hair?

My hair takes FOREVER to dry. Does it help to dry your hair? I was planning on trying it and then using the diffuser to help dry it if it needed it. But I don't know how long that would take. I'm new to these two methods as I usually air-dry. But I'm sick of it taking forever. :x My hair is fine, but VERY thick and there's a lot of it.
ahhh "Does it help to dry your hair" should be "does it help to plop your hair"
I just started plopping a week ago; I find it definitely helps to dry it faster as opposed to air drying. The only thing is that I wish I had more time to keep the towel on. Since I workout in the morning, I cannot do my hair the night before. So most mornings only allow me 30 minutes max to plop. My point is that I think it is even more beneficial if you have more time to plop. Otherwise, what I do is diffuse when I'm done. Overall, it should speed up your drying time. It is a great thing I must say. I have a lot of hair as well, so it all depends on how much hair you have when determining drying time. Good luck!
Hi Curlicious! So you're not wondering about if plopping helps speed drying time, but about if plopping helps 3b hair in general? Or maybe both? You can Edit your post if you want to, and change the title.

But just in case you are curious about the drying time, in my liminted experience with plopping, my hair takes longer to dry if I plop with a microfiber towel. The ones I have anyway-- they are so thick that the water doesn't seem to evaporate from my hair through the towel. But my hair dries in the regular amount of time or maybe a tiny bit faster with something thinner, like the Curlease towel. Probably a t-shirt would do the same thing since it is thin.

Plopping in general, the few times I get it right, gives me better definition and curliness at the roots.
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Hiya Urban! That's good to hear as the flat roots seem to be a trouble area for me. Thanks!

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