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Default Best product for deep conditioning?

I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but the search engine here is really bad. I tried to do a search and nothing came up.

Can someone link a thread that covers this? Or can you recommend something that I can use once a week? I'm doing CG, so it needs to be CG friendly.

I've used Kenra's Intensive Emollient Treatment, because that's all I have. But it's really a tiny sample, so I need to go shopping soon.

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I rotate my deep conditioners fairly often. Right now I am using an old favorite - Nexuss Humectress. I sometimes use KeraCare Humecto or Aubrey Organics GPB (protein condish.)

I add some olive oil or castor oil and some honey to it and sit under a heating cap.

I'd like to try either DevaCare One C or Jessicurl Too Shea next.
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Medussa, you can DT with OneC; just put gobs on, cover with a plastic bag, and apply the heat. It works fantastically.

I have to say, though, after 1.5 years of CG, I can't DT with heat because I get overconditioned. I just put the gobs in, put the plastic bag on, and rinse through 30-45 minutes later.

When I do oil treatments, I leave it on overnight. But any heat and I'll be a soft poofy puff ball the next several days.

There's also Jessicurl's weekly DT, which is very powerful and CG friendly. It's definitely too much for my hair at this point, I don't ever really use it anymore, because even without heat it's too much.

Actually, now that I think of it, if you PM me I can send you some if you want. Jessicurl also does samples, so you can get a sample from them directly.
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Oops! Meant to PM you, STLB.

Thanks for the suggestions, Solange.
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