Frustrated with varying textures?

I've been hanging out on for a while now (posting very rarely) and I truly appreciate all of the wonderful advice and information this website provides.

I've been growing out a texturizer for about 11 months now and as I see more and more of my natural texture, I have to admit I'm somewhat surprised by the VAST variations. I think I'm mostly 3C, very fine, VERY dry. But my canopy is a 3A (actually, it might be a 2B) and I have a hard time even describing the crown -- it is a completely different texture than the rest of my hair. It doesn't look or feel even remotely like my other textures. I always knew my crown was more coarse, but I thought it would grow in with tight 4A coils. It's actually more like very dry cotton candy. And with my 2B/3A canopy sitting on top of it, it looks pretty crazy. The rest of my hair generally grows downward, but this one section is growing outward instead. My hairdress even commented that, while it's normal to have different textures of hair, the vast disparity between my textures is somewhat unusual.

At this point, I'm just hoping that after several more months of growth, the length will weigh this section down so that it blends a little more with everything else. But, I must admit, it's got me a little concerned about how I'm going to style my hair once I cut off the rest of my texturized hair and start wearing it completely natural.

Until then, I guess I'll keep setting my hair in bantu knots (nubian knots), which is working out pretty well....although once the DC humidity hits all bets may be off with that hairstyle....

Ok, I think my venting is done. I feel a little better. =)
Nearly natural - 20 months since last texturizer. Mostly 3C with 3A canopy and a bit of 4A at the crown.
wow lorencurlz, i think you took the words out of my mouth or maybe the thoughts from my head ?

ive recently been frustrated also by me various textures. my hair starts out 3c/4a then suddenly turns to 3c/3b. ihave a large section on top that doesn/t curl at all(resembles a crimping iron texture) and at the back my hair starts out 4a(possibly 4b ) the jumps to a 3a texture.

basically i don/t mind the different curl sizesbut the textres that go with each one? oh my

thats why ive been a little sad lately
but i think we can get through it
also, why are crown textures so wierd.......
I have multiple textures in my hair too and different curls as well (some are more a definite "s" while a lot are a "z").
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)
I have very varying textures with my hair too. I have some 3b parts, some 3c and some 4a. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but I just work with it the best I can. My stylist is pretty amazed at the major difference in some of the textures.
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What might help, is scrunching your bigger curls to make them smaller and leaving the smaller curls alone, or elongating them by scretching them while you diffuse.

I have different textures going on too, I think it's mostly 3c with a few 3b strands in the middle. The difference in structure isn't really big, though, so now that I think of it...maybe I should be getting myself out of this thread... LOL -slowly walks away-

My 3C / OS / silky-cottony / Afro-Indian hair loves: H2O, honey, olive oil, Suave Coconut and pretty much the entire line of Curl Junkie products!

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