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I was born in the Netherlands and my parents are both from Suriname (South America, above Brazil) My mom's background is White/Black/Asian and my dad's back ground is Native American and I still manage to get curly hair :P
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wow, lots of Trinis on here!
My mom's from Trindad and is mostly east Indian, with a bit of black, Arawak, Spanish, and Portuguese (and a bunch of other things, but these are what she mostly is!).
My dad's American and is mostly black, with a good amount of Cherokee, Blackfoot, Dutch, and Cuban.
All of my sisters came out with different hair: my older sister has bone straight hair, I have hair that's in between 3b and 3c, and my little sister has hair that's in between 3c and 4a. It's very interesting!
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Hi dear curlies,

I'm new on this topic, so I thought, maybe it's nice to post my first post here.
I'm from The Netherlands and I have Egyptian and Dutch blood. When I was young I had really tight curls, later had waves (but that can be because of the brushing) and since I'm more looking after my hair and have layers, my curls have started to come back. I only use naturally products (mainly Lush).
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I'm Honduran, and both my parents are Honduran, but my mom is part German and Nicaraguan and my dad is part British! My hair is 3a with some 2c.
So glad to see a considerable Latin community xD

Type: 3a
Dense, fine/medium texture, low porosity

Low-poo: Devacurl No-Poo/ Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo/ Elacel Aloe Vera Shampoo
Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner
Leave-in: Devacurl Set It Free/Lush R& B
Styling: Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray-Gel/ L'Oreal Silk & Gloss Curl Power Mousse
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I grew up in Southern New Jersey, but now live in Southern California.
Location: Southern California, Los Angeles County

3Aer...Botticelli Curls

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I am new here, this seemed like the place to start!
I am from NY but live in GA now. Dad is Dominican mom is Italian, I think I have 3 b hair? My hair reacts differently it seems day-to day! Haven't found the right product to make my curls stay frizz free, soft and in spirals! Suggestions?
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Born and Raised US Military Brat currently now residing in VA since my dad retired 11yrs ago.

My family history is Puerto Rican (paternal grandmother history goes to the Taino Indians). My mother believes there may be European in her paternal side as she doesn't know her father, but to our knowledge, we are pure PR. Still have extended family in Ponce and Vega Alta.
3B - Fine/Norm - Norm Elas/Por - Protein friendly?

For Me:
Weekly Low-Poo: SM Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo
Rinse-Out: Suave Naturals Rosemary Mint
Leave-In: SM Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk - Giovanni Light Leave In*
Style: Curls Goddess Curl Gel* SM Coconut & Hibiscus Souffle*

For my Curly Babies:
CoWash: L`Oreal Paris Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner

* Currently Testing
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Originally from New York. Spent the bulk of my life in Orange County, CA. I've lived in Phoenix, AZ for almost a year.
3b, Coarse, Low Porosity, Desert Climate
Favorites: CK Knot Today, Mystic Divine Shampoo, Conditioner & Curl Cream, Miracle 7 Heavenly Healer Shampoo & Leave-in, Miss Jessie's Quick Curls, Ouidad Climate Control Gel
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Born and raised in Canada, to be specific Mississauga Ontario.
Im mixed with East Indian, West Indian and Irish and a bit of Brazilian blood. I learn new things about my family all the time. Being from a family that is so mixed and that lives almost everywhere in the world is great!
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I'm from Texas, my dad is half black half white and my mom is white. My hair is transitioning now, I'm about 8 months in.
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I'm from a city in New York lol. My parents are both Puerto Rican. They were born in Puerto Rico, but I was born in NY. My hair is like my mom's
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Hello all!
I'm a venezuelan girl living in Spain.

My heritage is a mix of everything:
My father was half japanese and half black (he looked like if he had none of the black though, except for the muscular built and height) he was like a tall japanese man.

My mother is half spanish - half black, she's very dark skinned with almost straight hair.

and I'm a mix of all that, i think I have 3b/3a hair. here's a pic when I was 1 year old:

and this is my hair now:
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I'm from Va but I am Jamaican, White,irish, and a little Chinese

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CG/LOC Method's 3b/3c hair SL-Curly/ Goal-MBL Curly
Weekly Poo/Low Poo: some Shea M Poo.
Weekly Deep Treat-Dermorganic Intensive Hair Masque
Bi-Weekly RO:Tresseme Naturals - V.Smooth/N.Moisture
Daily Leave in:Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Detangler
Daily Oil: Olive Oil & Conut Oil Mix
Daily Styler: Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
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Im from Los Angeles Ca. My dad is black and my mother is creole she was born and partly raised in texas and since I can remember shes always embraced her natural black curly hair and got excitied when I decided to do the same. My texture fine like my mothers but since I chopped all my hair off its gotten a little thick but still falls in the thin section

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Hair Type: 3a-ends 3b-front 3c-back
BC: 4/10/2012
co-wash method

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My mother is Puerto Rican and Mexican and my dad is African American! I am a Blaxerican!
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