i noticed something about 3b girls

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My Nicenes are 3b and are fully black

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cherokee and slovack here
Originally Posted by noodle noggin
I looooooove ur hair
I'm Cherokee and Black, with 3b....my oldest daughter is Black and white and has 4c...and my youngest is Hispanic and Black and has 2b....so no I don't agree.
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I'm white English with 3b
... my big usual smile for multicultcurly :P

3 b/c bsl length ridiculously thick brown curls with blonde highlights

I'm really like my curls but rarely wear my hair fully down as it isn't really styled and tends to go bushy

... really seeking an edgy indie style cut that suits my hair type, but wont make the move till I'm sure its right for me as I have been growing my hair to this point for so long
Mixed here. African American, Native American & Italian.
I've noticed that plenty of 3b curlies ARE mixed, but not all (like with most things, there's no absolutes). I myself am SUPER mixed: Black (with Cherokee, Blackfoot, and some White--probably Scottish/Irish on that side), and Puerto Rican (mostly of French, Spanish, and English extraction, with a touch of African and Taino). So yeah......
3b hair is common amongst the mediterranean race which embarks the mediterranean basin countries. In Spain, this type of hair is relatively less rare than in other european countries (I have been to quite a few and can confirm this) which is one of the reasons why spanish women (from Spain) are amongst the most beautiful women in the world.

As much as I detest hair profiling, this sort of hair is also of a similar frequency to Spain in countries such as Morocco and Turkey, and these are countries whose population is relatively homogeneous. Of course, countries like Cuba or Colombia have a high incidence of "type 3b" haired people due to the mixed ancestry but this type of hair is not only for those of mixed race.

In fact, the mediterranean beauty prototype is that of dark curly hair, big dark sensual eyes and olive-coloured skin.

Originally Posted by Roy_Boy
Okay, I need to live in the Mediterranean then
Originally Posted by Curly_Princesa
me too!
I'm black and white and I believe I have type 3b hair.
yea i notice that 3bs are usually mixed. I have 3b hair thats dark blonde and I am a quarter Nicaraguan and in alot of sun my skin turns daaark. Some poeple can really tell that i am mixed and others will think i am full on german! i dont think you cant always tell what someones ethnicity is, you just have to ask!
Yeah, that's definitely not the case for me. I'm white - I do have some Southern Italian ancestry, but that's pretty diluted by the Irish and Scottish blood!

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My heritage is western and eastern European. My dominant nationality is Luthianian. I have very thick 3b curls. (Took after my mostly Italian dad!)
In fact, the mediterranean beauty prototype is that of dark curly hair, big dark sensual eyes and olive-coloured skin.
Originally Posted by Roy_Boy
Haha! I'm the living proof of this Mediterranean stereotype. I'm a bit more than 3/4 Greek (the rest is Belgian) and I've got mostly 3b hair and people have repeatedly told me I've got large, dark eyes. Odd thing for folks to say usually, but I'm not complaining~

xD It tickles me that you say this since I pretty much fit that description (not sure about the sensual part, but I do have a pretty good deathglare) but I'm a 3rd generation American. I laughed. ^_^
I wouldn't say that most 3Bs are mixed or middle-eastern, but I'd say it seems there is a higher percentage of 3Bs amongst those groups than other ethnicities. I'm Mediterranean/Middle-eastern with 3B hair tending towards 3C at times, and this hair type seems to be pretty common on both sides of my family, particularly the middle-eastern side. Not just within my family actually, but I know a lot of Lebanese with hair like this - a higher percentage it seems than other groups.
I'm mxed British and Israeli, so i guess that sort of proves your theory. My dad looks pretty Arabic.
All I really noticed about 3B curls is that their hair is fly!
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I'm creole, from south Louisiana... I call myself black, but as you can see there was some mixing in my bloodline!
I'm white. Dutch/French/English/German/Spanish. Got the curls from my German father, but none of his siblings were curly.

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