a little advice would be great! please

Hey people I'm new to this site. I joined because i've never been good at styling or managing my hair at all. It's always frizzy and it gets a lot bigger than i want it to. I like the way it looks while its wet but when it dries i get fly aways and frizziness, a little poofiness and my ends seem to never not wanna be split. The ends of my hair also are always really dry. My scalp is always dry but for some very strange reason the root of my hair get oily fast...??? my hair is so very hard to care for and i would appreciate some help! please?
What I don't know by your post is if you are all natural or are you a transitioner. As a transitioner myself, I know that my relaxed hair can get frizzy and poofy if it's not properly conditioned/moisturized. My new growth tends to be shinier and softer.

If your hair is all natural then you may want to take a look at the products you're putting in your hair. Perhaps the ingredients are stripping moisture and since we tend not to work products from root to tip then that may explain what's going on.
Last Relaxer : Nov. 2008
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oh! I'm a transitioner! Although i can't remember my last relaxer...it was sometime last year.
i'd start with no cones.

i like just shea butter conditioner with GVP cond balm as leave-in.

and oils.

what are your products and can you tell me more about what you're doing with your hair?

peace, M

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