Have that urge to get a texturizer :(

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It's such a strong urge. My hair is still too short for decent pigtails or pony tail and I have been craving the creamy crack to make my hairstyling ~easier. I want it, but I'm worried that I am going to regret it later on. Help!
Gurl I went to your fotki and saw the pics of your hair before your relaxer and all i can say is WOW. your hair is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.... dont cave in just use those pics as your motivation. Its just a matter of time before you get some more length
fight the urge, hair cousin, fight the urge!
i got the urge to texturize when i was pregnant with my little girl and i think the only thing that saved me was this site. im not a natural nazi or anything, but i love knowing that my hair natural. the color, not so much...

whether you know it or not, you are someone's hair inspiration. there is always someone out there wishing they had your hair, waiting for their hair to be as long as yours, checking out what youre using because they want their hair as healthy as yours. and if you havent heard from them already, the day will come when they'll tell you how much you you inspired them.

regardless of all that, dont give yourself something to regret.
but your curls are so cute!!! anyway i read on here somewhere that the first year is difficult (even though you arent exactly a year post bc, but getting there). your hair is too long for a cute twa and too short for...basically everything else. but your hair is growing and will eventually get long enough to put in a super cute puff or anything you want. your patience will pay off.

p.s. your curls before the relaxer were awesome
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Goodness have I been down this road and I promise the feeling subsides. You have gorgeous hair and this time will seem like a faint memory when you have those pre-relaxer curls back! Just remember why you decided to go natural in the first place. Good Luck


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It's such a strong urge. My hair is still too short for decent pigtails or pony tail and I have been craving the creamy crack to make my hairstyling ~easier. I want it, but I'm worried that I am going to regret it later on. Help!
Originally Posted by helloyellowbird
Are you friggin nuts?!!! Your hair is lovely. I wish I could wear my hair out and free it from confinement.
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Don't do it! I agree with the whole "living with regrets" thing - if you do it you may very well regret it - why put yourself through that. Your natural hair is lovely.

By the way, have you seen the darling Bali girl wigs that are available? Not sure if you're open to wigs - I wasn't for a long time - I've actually never worn one, but I tell you what - these things are really getting me to reconsider, LOL. THey seem like a fun option, for when it just gets boring having short hair. Believe me - I know how it feels to get tired of short hair.
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You have pretty hair that seems as if it is manageable. It seems like what you really hate is the length. Have you tried doing styles to stretch out the hair so that it appears longer? I'm not advocating a flat iron, although that is an idea, but be careful of heat damage. You can always do clip on extensions. NC had a story about this about four years ago (?) because the hair came in various lengths and curl patterns.

For now, just get some great hair accessories, some pretty earrings and feminine clothes, wear cool eye makeup and focus your thoughts on something else for the next three months.
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I think you are fighting against your length and volume, not your texture. Your texture is gorgeous.

Looking at your fotki I see in your photos you are seriousy brushing down your hair in the front. While that's all well and good, one of the hard things we are natural curlies/coilies/kinkies need to learn is how to feel comfortable when the hair is free. Because natural hair loves freedom.

I suggest you take a day or two when you don't have to be anywhere special, and experiment with a free-form curly 'fro -- using product, twirling hair by your forehead around your fingers, whatever. Let it dry and just go. Walk around and notice how you feel as opposed to how you think people view you. But also look at how people are looking at you (if they are looking at you). Consider it a social experiment.

Today, I didn't have much time to do anything to my hair. It takes a little bit to fall into place after it's been in puffs all night and I had no time before my 7am group therapy (I'm new to the group) So it was looking a little strange,not to mention surface frizz, etc. I knew it would be another hour before the atmospheric humidity helped it fall into place. I wondered for one moment what the group would think, then grabbed a headband for security, stuffed it in my handbag and left.

I'm at work now and my hair is still down and out, no headband, and the surface frizz is still there. Some would call it puffy but the shape is much better. It also feels soft and looks soft and frames my face. It doesn't have half the definition yours does in your Fotki. But my hands still love it and so do I. It also helps that I have a banging outfit and shoes on
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Your hair reminds me of mine at this stage. I'm not sure what look you are going for but in my honest opinion - It is quite lovely. It will grow I promise. Be patient and keep doing what you are doing - before you know it you will have that first puff!

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listen to the girls and hang in there! i'm sure there are many that have done that and REGRETTED it like a first mug shot. then you'll have to start all over again. DON'T DO IT. rock that mane.
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Well, I have had twists in my hair for about two weeks now and I am thinking about taking them out, LOL! I miss my hair. Oh goodness, I am so wishy washy.

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