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Default My hair cut & my experience

I went to some random salon ,to a random stylist. It was extremely cheap ( about 16$ ). I washed and styled my hair at home and the lady cut my hair dry. It took her 20 minutes to shape my hair and shorten my shoulderlong curls (!) to a short slightly inverted bob. She combed my hair out and I was thinking like "Girl, WHAT are you doing?" I tried to relax though and think of the result. Funny, she asked my what I did to get my hair to look so defined...
After she turned my curls in a cloud I jumped in thee shower once again and styled it MY way. I love it! The main reason I let my hair grow was because I was afraid of not being womanly enough. Crazy. I look in the mirror and I feel sooo sexy and feminine. I was thrilled when my Mom swa me today and said :"Wow, now you look really feminine!"
I feel liberated! Short curls are versatile as well. No regrets at all. Pictures, yes yall want pictures?

xoxox Caramelicious
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My hair cut & my experience-bomchickawowow.jpg   My hair cut & my experience-bomchickawowow2.jpg  
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That is super cute! I love that inverted bob on you! She did a great job!!
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You got lucky! And it looks really cute especially with those peacock earrings..
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glad you had a such a great result! your haircut turned out really nice.
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That cut is fab. She did a great job.
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Looks super cute! Congrats!
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Luv it! How many inches did you cut? And what do you do use to get your curls so defined?
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Wow, you are courageous! Love the cut!
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She did a good job!
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Thank you so much ladies. Your compliments give me a boost! I still don't regret it.
To get defined curls I just take lots of styling lotion, gel or even just conditioner and fingercomb it through my hair. Scrunch with a towel and let it airdry. That's how I did my hair when it was long and I still do it this way. At night I just let my hair loose and in the morning I section my hair ,spray it with water and fingercomb some more product through my hair. 2nd day hair looks like first day hair.

She cut up to 6 inches, I think. It's really short in the back to get that inverted look.

xoxoxo and thanks again
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That is so pretty. I had a style like that in the early 90's . I liked it but maintenance was a bear. I was in school with no funds for keeing the cut up. Folks really liked it though.

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Your cut look great !
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Default :)

Looks great!
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Great cut! When I had a perm I used to get my hair cut like that all the time. Now you are giving me ideas......
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I'm envious. When ever I go in for a cheap cut, I almost always get a curl-tard who butchers me. You, on the other hand, look fabulous.


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I really like it! You gave me an idea for shaping my short hair as I let it grow out.
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I love it!!
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What a great cut - looks fab - BTW I love the use of the term 'curl-tard' that someone used in this thread - unfortunately a lot of stylists could be labelled with this term!!
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Thank you so much! I feel the curly-love here!

The only thing that gets on my nerve (but then I don't care anymore) is that I can't tie my hair back. I'm letting it grow again anyway, but unlike my transitioning/growing out phase back then ,I'll enjoy each and every length of my hair.
When I had a short fro back then I used to think that I'd only be pretty and feminine when I have long hair. Everything in between was not acceptable. What was I thinking?
Even my dbf said that he liked short hair a liiittle more than long curls.

So all you short haired curlies: You look fab!
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SO CUTE! And your hair is so defined and healthy-looking!

You really did luck out in finding someone that gave you a great cut. Glad you had such a great experience!
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