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Unhappy My hair doesn't curl anymore.

So I used to be a 3a before the CG method (over a year now). My curls have gradually become limper and limper until I've fallen into hardly a classification of waves. It's stringy with no trace of clumping anymore. I have a frizzy canopy, and straight pieces underneath. I felt like my curls were better two years ago when I was using a brush after my shower and horrible drying products with cones and the like. Sure, my hair wasn't that shiney as it is now, but my curls were spirals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dogging on the CG method. This is the healthiest my hair has been in my life; I just feel there is something soooo small I am not catching and need to tweak.

Am I over conditioning? My hair has become exceptionally more healthy. Should I switch to a lighter conditioner? I read that humectants in the winter were no good, but I religiously use JC products.It's weird that JCTS! is supposed to work wonders in the winter without its humectants, but it seemed like it worked better for me in 90% humidity in STL!

Plopping does help the curl definition, but like a lot of other curlies, I have a hard time with making it look polished and with a part.

Any one have any suggestions for my ever-drooping curls? Thank you. <3
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There could be multiple reasons.

Maybe you ARE overconditioned and need a protein treatment. You can search homemade ones on google or buy one either at Sally's or online.

Maybe you actually have too much protein and have overloaded and need more moisture. Then a deep treatment would be in line (which could just be leaving in your favorite rinse out for an hour or so then rinsing).

If it is one of those, you can usually tell which one by feeling your hair. Does it feel mushy or overly soft? Then you probably need a dose of protein. Is your hair hard and does it seem to break easily? Then you most likely need moisture.

If it is not that, I know that Jessicurl products seem to be loaded with an ingredient called magnesium sulfate which seems to have a bad drying effect on most users. Your hair could just be reacting badly with that. If that is the case, I would simply avoid the Jessicurl products with that ingredient and your symptoms should go away quite quickly.

Maybe you need a cut or you just need to switch up products. Both of those are more drastic and I would say exhaust the other options before this but they are always possibilities.

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I sympathize with you. I have 3a fine hair and this winter has wreaked havoc on my curls. I added cleansing with a low poo once/wkly, acv rinses, and pt's every other wk to try to whip it into shape. I also added Tigi/Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey conditioner as a rinse-out which has a large amt of soy/wheat proteins and my hair is in love with it. My curls have been happier. I also clip my crown curls which has added volume and use a few spritzes of spray gel while wet in that area and it has held all day.
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Thanks so much, guys. I never thought about protein, and well.. duh me.. the Jessicurl products I use are protein free. I'm pretty sure that's it, or at least a big problem. My hair strand was super stretchy and didn't snap back when I tested it. I think I'm gonna try the eggs and olive oil thing tonight, fingers crossed!

You were a huge help!
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Originally Posted by jpinilla View Post
Thanks so much, guys. I never thought about protein, and well.. duh me.. the Jessicurl products I use are protein free. I'm pretty sure that's it, or at least a big problem. My hair strand was super stretchy and didn't snap back when I tested it. I think I'm gonna try the eggs and olive oil thing tonight, fingers crossed!

You were a huge help!
I just saw this thread and immediately thought you needed protein. Now that you have realized that you need protein, I wanted to mention that egg protein actually does nothing for your hair. You can search the internet for research done on this. Even though many natural hair recipes recommend using eggs, it is just a gimmick. Since I don't use protein, I've done tons of research on what has protein and what doesn't. Eggs do have protein but this type of protein doesn't benefit the hair at all.

If you need protein and want to do a home treatment, use milk or yorgurt or even better, coconut milk or coconut creme, mixed with coconut oil. The coconut products contain more protein than any other natural protein source except sea weed and sea algaes. Plus the coconut oil will help prevent protein loss. If you can tolerate it, you can make a tea with sea moss or sea algae, mix in coconut milk and coconut oil. The mix is max on protein.

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I agree that it sounds like you need protein. And I agree about eggs - the protein molecules are supposedly too large for your hair to absorb. My hair doesn't like coconut oil, but many, many love it. I like AOGPB and now Spiral Solutions Protein Treatment for my protein.

And I'm also a 3A, and if I didn't occasionally low-poo, my hair would be just as you describe!
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jpinilla did the protein work for you? i've been trying to find someone who had a similar problem to mine. My hair used to be corksrew and long, but now it's stringy and no curls.
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