Yes try a deep condition once a week like the ones that come in a package -- oil would be too heavy but you could try the placenta ones. Those rinse out really well. After you rinse it out you can use a little extra normal conditioner and rinse THAT out, or just a little bit on the ends as a leave-in.

The clips thing is difficult at first. You can just use those medium size plastic claw clips (the curled ones work best for me) or use the Devaclips or just plain metal clips, whatever you can get to stand up. Put them in after you have put the product on your hair and scrunched it with paper towels to minimize frizz. I usually put some in the crown, and in the front, and maybe claw clips on the top/sides about halfway down to take some of the weight (my hair is long). It helps encourage the roots to be curlier and takes the weight off the length of the hair so it curls better too. There aren't any hard and fast rules about this you just need to experiment. You can also move the clips around while your hair is drying, being careful not to disturb the hair, if you see any flat places. The idea is just to get the roots to stand up so they don't dry flat.