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Hi everyone

I also enjoy all the pictures. Here's my photo album:

The photo at the top of the page is from my friend's wedding, where the stylist took several hours getting my hair to look like that (so, not natural at all). This is very unusual for me, I wouldn't take that many hours on my OWN hair!

In the pictures from my wedding, I was trying to duplicate how my hair looked in the pic below where my hair is long... I tried the same process but made the mistake of washing my hair the night before (I didn't think I'd have time that day) and then someone took a METAL brush to it, ack! If I could do it all over, I think I'd have a stylist on call. This was a low budget wedding (bride and groom are starving students), but that would have been the place to splurge.

My hair long (until recently):

Right after getting my current haircut (shortest it's been in almost 20 years!):

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