I use Aveda Shampure once or twice a week, depending on what my hair seems to want. I rinse and/or conditioner wash once or twice a week too. I might add a weekly ACV rinse into my routine again because, inspired by recent threads, I did one again recently, and am really happy with the results.

I don't really use shampoo too much on my scalp, I take care of it with condish wash and just plain old warm water and a thorough massage. I have no scalp problems whatsoever since I started avoiding using shampoo on it.

I just use 'poo to get the styling build-up off the length of my hair. Shampure has sulfates, but for me it acts really gentle. I just leave some extra condish in on the day(s) I wash, for a little more moisture, and I'm good to go. It doesn't kill my curls the way other sulfate 'poos have.

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg