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I use Avalon Organics nourishing shampoo. It's non-sulfate and has lavender in it! It is my first sulfate free poo. I haven't tried any others. I wash about every other day. I also scrub my scalp with Giovanni tea tree oil condish. It helps when my scalp gets really itchy.

I tried going no poo for about a week and my hair was awful. I'm a wavy and I must poo!!

Also the lovely ladies on the 2b board pointed me to Jessicurl Aloeba. Love it love it love it!!
My hair is a mix of 2b/3a and even a bit of 3b thrown in! I would call my hair wavycelli. It curls most when I leave it alone after wet scrunching. My hair has a spring factor of about 2 or 3 inches and has a very silky, medium texture.
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