Thank you for the update! I LOVE Carlos and even though I now live in Colorado, I would fly back to NY 1x/year to see him.

Glad I know where to find him now. I hope his new salon treats him better and doesn't quadruple book him.
CG since 2002
True 3b, but looser curls since moving to drier climate. BSL thick, medium-course hair with some 2C/3a on canopy.

-co-wash w/Devacurl No-Poo
-condition w/KCKT or AOHR
-i never use a leave in
-style with a drop of Pink Boots, followed by a modest amount of KCCC, topped with a small dollop of Devacurl Angell
-plop and diffuse
**likes: everything above. dislikes: glycerin, BRHG, KBB**