It seems to make my hair greasy. Anyone else have this problem? I was only using a little bit.
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YES! Me too I wonder why? What products are you using currently? Seems like our hair is very similar. Mine is so sensitive to oils and I can't use any proteins otherwise I get dry, straw like hair.
I've tried Jessicurl but those have too much oil. I've tried Deva products and the only item I kept was the low poo.
Last week I used HE Set me up and was having good luck but now I see my hair is getting weighted and greasy looking. I'm going to try using HE TT again and see how long that lasts. IF we had any humidity here - I could easily get away with going product free -- but it's just too dry.
CK worked great the first week and then I got greasy looking
What condish are you using? I'm still looking for one! Someone suggested Elucence but that has wheat protein.

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