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SBB, I'm actually still working on getting 2nd day hair that I'm happy night I use a satin scarf on my hair but in the AM its half straight in the front and sticking off in crazy curl patterns in the back and I have yet to find a product or product combo that works to make it all look decent. (tried a satin pillowcase but it made me sweat and I woke up with hair that looked like something out of Bride of Frankenstein...half fro, half sticking straight up and smashed to one side of my head) All roads lead to frizz so far...I'm hoping that the longer it gets, it may be easier to figure out a 2nd day routine that works...
And of course, once I found my hair routine the weather changed! I've been using the AO Honeysuckle Rose condish as a rinse out and leave-in for the last week or so and it works very well! (OneC is so expensive and I have to use a lot!) Then instead of the Fantasia IC blue gel, I've been using a combo of the Sisters Smith Wet Set Pudding with a light glaze of KCCC over it. I still use the RoundTrip and CK also...3 pumps of RT first, then the combo, then a light glaze of CK at the end. Still liking the RT for the dry time!
3b/c - Thick coarse hair that doesn't like protein or shea butter. Current routine: Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Yes to Cucumbers for daily co-wash, IC Fantasia Gel (blue)/CJ Aloe Fix to style, CIAB to finish/refresh curls
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