Here is my latest routine:


CO wash with VO5 Sunkissed Raspberry (or other VO5's), rinse with water
Rinse again with CO/honey or molasses
Final rinse with cool water

Veil a towel over my hair
Briefly scrunch the back (which takes the longest to dry) with a microfiber towel
Apply Salon Selectives Molding Putty diluted with water over canopy and under canopy in back
Flip hair over and rake through some more SS and scrunch upside down with a micro towel. Flip hair over, scrunch again with the towel. Put claw clip in front to keep hair back. Air dry. Scrunch upside down with a microfiber towel.

Once a week or longer: Wash with Isoplus Conditioning shampoo

CO-Vo5 Kiwi Lime
Regular CO-Tresemme Naturals Silicone Free
Deep CO-Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Shampoo-Jhirmack Silver Plus Ageless Shampoo (once a week)
Gel-LA Looks Sport (first day)
Aussie Miraculously Smooth (second day)
CO wash/occasional ACV rinse

Going silver-last hair color 4/10/15