Do any of you get this? I'm not sure if it's the glitter itself I'm allergic to, or if it just tears up the delicate skin around my eyes when I'm trying to remove it, but every time I try to wear any, the skin there gets really red and sore and sensitized. It's not until after I take it off most of the time, though, so I think a lot of it might just be the glitter scratching me as I take it off at night. I was thinking about trying different removal methods to see if that helps.

Maybe spray on some eye makeup remover, instead of wiping it on with a cotton pad, and then rinsing it all off with water? I have to be careful about not breaking out, as well as redness, so things like most creams and oily removers are out. Clinique's makeup remover has given me the best results so far in terms of not irritating my skin or eyes.

Has anyone else with sensitive skin had any success getting that stuff off without painful results? What are your methods/products?