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Default so i'm thinking of trying something new...

i've never tried devacurl products...well, i've just tried angell, but that's it..and i was driving home from work today, thinking of all the curlies who like using massey's "shampoos" and rave about devaone conditioner...and i was thinking to myself, maybe that's what i'm missing! maybe that's what i need!!!

and THEN i started thinking, maybe it's not the products i'm using, but that i'm using TOO many products...maybe using just a leave in conditioner is enough now because my hair is so much healthier...and that i only need a little gel in there to tame the frizz or something...
i was thinking when my hair was long before, i didn't use much styling product at all...sometimes just a little pomade...sometimes just a little mousse...sometimes just a little gel...but maybe now that my hair is really truely healthy, hydrated, and shiney, it'll curl on it's own! and i just need conditioner!
maybe that's what i'm missing!!! maybe that's what i need!!!

i guess i'm just looking for all the answers right if you have all the answers, or at least some of them , please share!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....
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