so i'm thinking i'm going to start this new routine tomorrow morning.
let me know what you think!

-wash with elucence conditioner or creme of nature
-condition with 1/2 elucence 1/2 honey (my hair LOVES this combo)
-full rinse
-put elucence back in

now heres where i get a little crazy...
what if instead of doing a quick rinse, like i have been lately, i did a cold honey rinse??!?!?!

i's insane!!!! but i'm thinking it'll really be pretty good!
it'll rinse my elucence out a little getting it more evenly distributed, rewet my hair so it don't have stringy curls from raking it in, uses honey so i'll take care of the shine, AND it'll be cold water so it'll help with the shine too!!!
since it's the first day, i'll probably try my hair naked after this point, just so i can get an idea of what my hair looks like natural...then if needed, i'll use a tiny B&A next time...or some angell...or some biosilk RHG.

call me crazy, ladies, but i think this might work!!!!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....