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I tried clear mascara because I thought it would be easier on my contact lenses. When the regular stuff flakes off and gets in there, it's murder for my eyes. I got Maybelline Great Lash in clear. It doesn't bother my eyes, but it doesn't do much for my lashes, either. I gave up on mascara altogether.
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Then my job is done!

I don't like the clear mascara. It felt like I was using nothing on my top lashes & brows. I guess it's true you get what you pay for. :SHRUG: The store took it back.

would your local drugstore allow you to return it opened if you didn't like it? i know some store allow that..
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Walgreen's will. There & Rite Aid are the only places I know of that sell Neutrogena. Maybe Target does, but I rarely check there for makeup since nobody has a big of a selection as the two noted drug stores.