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Originally Posted by Trinigirl View Post
Congrats!!! Looks like you've retained and gained some length too!

My 1 year natural anniversary was July 1st. However for me the bigger milestone is my 'Last Relaxerversary' (ie August 20). This coming August will be 2 years since my last relaxer.

All the best.


PS My hubby and I have been in our interracial marriage for 15 years now! (actually 15 years will be 8/26)
Congrats on your hair and WOW, that's inspiring to hear of your interracial marriage!!! I like seeing same-race couples but when I hear of interracial couples, it reminds me of how far along we have progressed in racial unity. And how everyone isn't close minded when it comes to ethnicity and romantic love. Congrats and I hope you two do something extra special for your anniversary.

Originally Posted by dearheart15 View Post
Congrats!!! I did a blow out last month and rocked a huge fro for my 1yr just to see all of the length.
Ha ha, that's awesome!
A huge fro is actually a great idea, I actually wore one to Bible study last week and my hubby LOVED it

Naturally coily, 4a when wet, 4a and 4b when dry and loving it. Low porosity, Medium-High Density, Coarse/Thick textured
It's my hair and if people don't approve they should take it up with the creator, not the creation. : )
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Congrads!!!! Are there pics involved???? lol
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My one year anniversary is around 6 weeks from now. I haven't decided how I'll celebrate it yet.
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